ImageOut presents and supports LGBTQ+ arts and cultural experiences showcasing films, creative works and artists to promote awareness, foster dialogue and build community.


ImageOut will be recognized and respected as a major arts and cultural organization enriching the community by celebrating and bringing visibility to LGBTQ+ artists and themed work.


Accessibility: ImageOut ensures that its events are accessible to all through our support services and venue selection.

Artistic Quality: ImageOut showcases the highest-quality work available, representing a broad range of artistic expression.

Diversity: ImageOut recognizes and celebrates diversity by programming events reflective of the richness within the LGBTQ+ community.

Education: ImageOut engages, challenges and opens minds by respectfully showing diverse perspectives with film, art and other forums designed to encourage dialogue.

Fiscal Responsibility: ImageOut seeks revenue from diverse funding sources and uses resources effectively to ensure the organization’s fiscal health, capacity for mission fulfillment and longevity.

Freedom of Expression: ImageOut presents forums for the public expression of uncensored voices.

Promotion & Celebration of Volunteerism: ImageOut appreciates and recognizes the contributions of volunteers as the life-blood of the organization and commits to ensuring a respectful and meaningful experience.

Safe Space: ImageOut creates safe spaces where all are free to participate in a welcoming environment.